Paracelsus Recovery

Paracelsus Recovery is the world’s most individual and discreet addiction and mental health service, with up to 15 staff focusing on one client at a time. Working primarily with high net worth and celebrity clients, the clinic provides cutting-edge treatment delivered by a passionate and empathetic multidisciplinary team in an environment guaranteeing privacy. Originally based in Zurich, services are now also available in London.


  • To promote Paracelsus Recovery in the UK and the opening of its London programme
  • To position Paracelsus Recovery and its team as the spokespeople for mental health issues throughout the pandemic
  • To position Paracelsus Recovery in national and luxury UK media
  • To position Paracelsus Recovery as the world’s leading mental health and addiction clinic for UHNW individuals


Over the last two years, we have positioned Paracelsus Recovery as the world’s most exclusive and leading mental health and addiction clinic across national and luxury UK media. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have focused on building the profile of the management team as spokespeople for mental health issues amongst UHNW individuals. As well as securing headline features on the clinic and CEO in Times 2 and Tatler, we ensured regular news flow across the UK’s key national media by issuing press releases on topical mental health issues generating coverage in publications including The Telegraph, The FT, FT’s How to Spend It, The Times, Daily Mail, Tatler, Telegraph Luxury, Evening Standard, Arabian Business, Sky News and CNN.