Rocco Forte Hotels

Rocco Forte Hotels is one of the world’s leading hotel chains, with Sir Rocco Forte as its figurehead. It has 18 hotels and villa developments across the UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Russia, including Brown’s Hotel in London, The Balmoral in Scotland and Hotel de la Ville in Rome. Sir Rocco Forte is well-known in the hospitality industry and also has a particular interest in politics, being keen to make his voice heard on subjects such as tax and regulation, Brexit and the Conservative Party.


  • To position Sir Rocco Forte and Rocco Forte Hotels positively in the UK and international media
  • To ensure that all coverage on Sir Rocco is aligned with his business and political interests
  • To make sure Sir Rocco’s voice is heard powerfully on issues relating to his industry, including Government legislation
  • To promote the group’s existing hotels and new openings
  • To build on the narrative of Rocco Forte Hotels as a family business at its core, encouraging media focus on the Fortes’ long history in hospitality
  • To generate interest in TV programmes on the individual hotels within the Rocco Forte Hotels collection
  • To offer 24/7 crisis communications support, for example during the coronavirus pandemic


Over the last four years, we have positioned Sir Rocco as the world’s leading hotelier, generating profiles in top UK nationals and magazines, and getting broadcast coverage across a wide spectrum of programmes. We have promoted each of the new hotels when they have opened as well as the broader corporate story of Rocco Forte Hotels. Starting during the Covid-19 pandemic, we focused on building the profile of Sir Rocco as a figurehead for the hospitality industry, generating coverage in the Telegraph, Independent, Reuters, City AM and elsewhere. We also placed Sir Rocco on the BBC’s Question Time, BBC World News, BBC Hard Talk and Sky News’ Ian King programme.