Nyetimber is the UK’s pre-eminent English sparkling wine brand which has gone from strength to strength since Eric Heerema, CEO and owner, took over in 2006. Nyetimber has beaten large Champagne houses such as Krug and Dom Perignon in blind tastings, firmly getting its foot in the door as a leader of the industry. In 2018 its head winemaker, Cherie Spriggs, won the award for best winemaker at the International Sparkling Wine Challenge, making her the first woman to win the award as well as the first person outside of Champagne – a breakthrough moment for both Nyetimber and the English sparkling wine industry as a whole. The profile of Nyetimber prior to working with J&H Communications was relatively small, with a few negative news stories making their way into the headlines.


  • To position both Nyetimber and its owner positively in the UK and international media
  • To build the brand of Nyetimber turning it into a household name throughout the UK
  • Generate feature pieces and news articles in the key UK national publications that align with the target market of Nyetimber’s brand
  • To build relationships with key journalists and wine writers ensuring they are featured in any wine columns/guides
  • To generate broadcast coverage amplifying Nyetimber’s growth over the recent years
  • Create a harvest communication strategy, amplifying coverage during this time when there is heightened appreciation for wine and plenty of opportunity for news coverage
  • To drive traffic flow to their ecommerce website


Over the last five years, we have positioned Nyetimber as the UK’s leading English sparkling wine brand, highlighting the quality of their wine, the attention to detail that goes into the making of it and the corporate story since CEO Eric Heerema took over. We have regularly generated coverage in national newspapers both in the news section and the business pages by creating compelling narratives around the brand and leveraging our close relationships with editors. We have also achieved widespread broadcast coverage, from Sky News to ITV's Good Morning Britain, to BBC Radio 4's Farming Today.